Dress Code

Dress Code

To avoid disappointment on your day here at the Club, it is important that you and your guests are aware of the standard of acceptable dress:

NOT ACCEPTABLE on Golf Course, Putting Green, or Range:

  • Metal spikes in shoes
  • All Denim Fabrics and Colours
  • All Jean and Jean Style Trousers, Shorts & Shirts
  • TAB/Stubbies, Yakka Work Style Shorts, both tailored or elastic waisted
  • All cotton Stretch synthetic elastic waisted Board Shorts and Casual Leisure Shorts.
  • Track Suit Pants, Gym Shorts and Bike Pants.
  • Shirts without a Collar
  • Shirts with large advertising symbols and motifs
  • Unbelted shorts / trousers

LADIES – all of the above plus shorter than 7″ above the knee when kneeling.


  • Soft Spikes in shoes only
  • Dress Walk Shorts – tailored style with belt.
  • Tailored trousers with belt.
  • Short or Long Socks (not short business socks)
  • Shirts with collars, and tucked in at ALL times.

All children who are eligible to use the range and course must also be appropriately attired.

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